Latex, PVC & Nitrile Coated Gloves

Latex Gloves (Natural Rubber)

Latex, PVC & Nitrile Coated Gloves

Latex is a natural rubber dispersed in water. Latex Gloves high elasticity gives excellent cut tear as well as temperature resistance. The outstanding grip of Latex gloves can defy some ketones, alcohol and water. Precautions should be taken as latex is known to cause allergic reactions in some people. Latex Gloves are heavy in weight and offers excellent abrasion resistance. Latex gloves offer a tighter fit. The material will wrinkle less around your fingers and wrist, making it possible to feel what you’re doing almost as well as if you were barehanded. Latex gloves provide protection from blood borne pathogens, harmful chemicals, and other contaminants common in the medical industry. They are FDA approved.

Applications :
They are widely used in Industrial, Agriculture, Medical and Daily life.

Nitrile Gloves (Synthetic Rubber)
Nitrile Gloves offer splendid resistance to cuts, punctures, abrasion, snags, Oils, fuels and certain organic solvents. Nitrile Gloves are mostly used as a coating for dipped gloves as well as in construction of impregnated cut and sewn gloves. Nitrile Gloves are coated with specially formulated nitrile that gives tremendous performance in extreme cooling temperature. The glove's cold and wet grip is notable and its sand-patch texture on the palms passes oils and liquids away and will fit over a liner for increased warmth. Nitrile Gloves are used in various industries like petrochemical, maintenance, work with oily metal parts, commercial fishing etc.

Benefits :
1) Nitrile Gloves contain original Synthetic rubber which saves from allergy related issues and reduces skin irritation
2) It gives maximum comfort & best fit along with outstanding tactile sensitivity.
3) Nitrile Gloves has greater resistance to body fluids, chemicals and solvents
4) They are Static Free and ideal for use in electronics.

Applications :
1) Sterile Gloves in Medical/Hospital use.
2) Non Sterile Gloves in Automotive (mechanic’s favorite), food handling, salons/spas, electronic assembly, laboratory work, packaging, janitorial, general pharmaceutical and home use.

PVC Gloves (Plastic) :
PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) has a good quality of resisting the erosion, but may get affected by cuts, snags or puncture. The PVC flexibility does not give the feeling of painful sensation as associated with most rubber products. It is effective against water and most aqueous solutions, detergents, and diluted bases and acids. PVC Gloves has limited chemical resistance to organic solvents. The common coating PVC is highly used In Coated work gloves which gives good resistance to dilute bases, Oils and acids having limited resistance to organic solvents. PVC gloves are also used prominently for handling small parts and assembly line work. PVC gloves has provision of protecting against abrasion to certain degree of shock and vibration, cut resistance and resist degradation caused due to sunlight, aging, weather, oxidation and ozone. PVC Gloves are flame resistant and demonstrates heat stability up to 93°C (200°F).

Applications :
Used in various applications like Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Petroleum, Fisheries, Forestry, Manufacturing etc.